Monday, January 29, 2007

Minutes for January 17th, 2007

Elections: Paul Kabatznick resigns as elected Vice President due to commitment issues.
Eric Talbot appointed as new VP.

Topics Discussed: We discussed our survey which will give us data on what kinds drugs are being used in Farmington and correlate abused drugs with the laws pertaining to them. The goal of this survey is to educate law enforcement on and off campus and ultimately have student’s, and the general public’s, punishment become less severe for making a safer choice. (Cannabis)

Members Present:
Mike Simpson, Paul Kabatznick, Lorenzo Reef Sgiers, Celia Reef Sgiers, Matt Doolittle, Jack Woods, Nate Burns, Sam Clark, Dave Rocha, Tony Scala, Matt Duddy, Amy Brown, Mackenzie Brooks, Dan Windsor, Emily ?, Forrest Bullars, Eric Talbot, Lauren Lobikis, Samantha MacDougal, Morgan Place, Nick Tolman, Patrick Fontaine, Mark, Chiavone, Derek Beavdet, Joseph Conrad, Davin Currie.

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