Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Sensible Drug Policy at UMF

From my Symposium submission form;

Campus drug policy is severely flawed. Students use illegal drugs in their dorm rooms, or share beers with R.A.’s, and our zero tolerance policy is nothing but counterproductive and inefficient. Scare tactics and disinformation no longer keep students away from drugs, and studies have shown that D.A.R.E’s misinformation actually causes students to use drugs rather than “Just Saying No”. Simple programs that are already in place at prestigious universities like McGill and Brown like harm reduction and medical amnesty would greatly affect the student’s relationship with the school. A sensible drug policy here on campus would not only make UMF unique, but it would also increase retention rates as well as reduces public safety funds wasted on the draconian drug policy we now have in place. This presentation will show the harm caused by the current policies, and the many benefits of what I consider a sensible drug policy.

April 11th! I know you want to go.

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