Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Drug Money to Fund K-9 Unit

Just some local news from the Morning Sentinel

FARMINGTON -- One of Franklin County's three police dogs is nearing retirement and county commissioners Tuesday agreed to set up a reserve fund with drug forfeiture money to use for the county's K-9 program.

Under law, to keep money seized as a result of a drug conviction, municipalities have to use it for training and equipment, Sheriff Dennis Pike said.

Commissioners approved a request from Franklin County sheriff's Cpl. Nathan Bean and Deputy David Rackliffe -- both K-9 handlers -- to transfer $4,500 from the county's surplus, or undesignated fund balance, to the new forfeiture account.

The money could be used to buy a new police dog, which costs about $4,500, or for specialized training in drug detection and equipment.

Ben, the German shepherd handled by Bean, is 10.

The other two dogs are handled by Rackliffe and Deputy Chris Chase, and only Rackliffe's is a certified drug dog.

"Our biggest source of revenue is our K-9 unit," Pike said.

So the money they steal from you when they violate your rights? Oh, that just goes back into the K-9 fund, so they can violate other people's rights. How convenient!

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Jack said...

So, SSDP members pay for the dogs that take your money, that pay for the dogs that take your money, that pay for...